About Us

A Professional Team You Can Trust

Four Seasons Auto Wash Express is committed, as a team, to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Your experience here will be our top priority. Our staff goes through rigorous training and safety protocol to ensure safety efficiency and quality.

We use premium soaps and waxes the latest technology goes into every location to provide the highest quality service. Our brushes are made up of a revolutionary material that inhibits water absorption and, in turn, will not hold dirt particles, retaining that beautiful shine on your vehicle.

Experience the Four Seasons Difference

Water Recycling

We are a Clean and Green Car Wash working with the most innovative companies out there today. We reclaim and recycle up to 90% of the water used on-site with a top of the line water treatment systems that deliver unsurpassed results.

Blow Dryers & Cloth

We use the newest and safest material out on the market today. Along with more than eight blow dryers at every location, we also have drying material that drys and buffs your vehicle to a perfect shine every time. We will constantly be upgrading and using the very best to take care of your car.

Vehicle Restrictions

We can accommodate vehicles up to 86" tall and tires up to 12.5” wide, making our facility safe for all OEM vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a cloth called Neoglide this is a revolutionary wash material that will not retain water. Therefore, will not retain ANY dirt particles. The car wash is very safe on your paint and glass and will not scratch it.

Yes, as long as all parts and pieces are secured correctly a convertible is safe to run through our facility.

We are sorry to say that dually’s will not fit on our track.

Although heights vary from wash to wash a good measurement is about 86" anything above this will be exceeding limitations.

Yes, all wheel heights and materials are safe here the only limitations we have are widths. We like to stay under 13" in width.

Yes, you can. Although we wash 1000 vehicles with these after market fixtures on with no problems whatsoever. We cannot be held responsible for any aftermarket pieces that might not have been made of the best material or installed by an unlicensed mechanic.